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Oh, Hey!

Hi, My name is Liss!

I am a mother, coffee addict, and light chaser who is passionate about capturing memories. 

My children have been my inspiration for years guiding me into photography - reminding me every day how important it is to capture moments and memories, with genuine feelings.

My goal is to capture these moments for you in a comfortable and easy-going environment that everyone can enjoy. Let's listen to some music, run around a field together, or play in the water.


You'll find me chasing the sun to last light, saying, just one more photo! I will capture a storytelling gallery with an eye for detail and authentic connections.


Alright, so now you know my why, keep on reading to get to know the fun and the weird.

Wanna know more questionably rad things?

 I’m a total 90s baby, gamer, and I still have the heart of my teenage scene kid years. My mind is playing a constant game of song association and I’ll 100% sing terribly around you. Yeah, there’s no way things stay awkward for long once we start singing along to old-school backstreet boys and pop classssssics.  


I met my husband online, and before you think it, no, it wasn’t tinder. We met playing World of Warcraft ten years ago and he’s been my player 2 ever since. Nowadays we just play Mario party and hang out with the kids though.. A, our oldest is 8, L is 6 and our babe is 3. Our family isn’t complete without all our fur-babies either, we have two boisterous Labrador’s and two Kit Kat’s. who like to dance dance dance. So in summary, I’m a true millennial who still wears skinny jeans and my pop days consisted of reading twilight a few too many times and listening to punk rock.

If you made it this far, thanks, and congrats! Let's be friends?